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  1. Books, music, video
  2. Business - real estate, services
  3. Clubs and groups for both Jewish singles and couples - Mosaic, Israeli dancing
  4. Community centers - JCCs, YHAs
  5. Community organizations - Federations
  6. Education - Jewish and Torah studies
  7. Email Lists, Forums and Groups - Jewish bulletin boards and news groups with posted topics
  8. Event Planning Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, Parties
  9. Experience - meaningful Israel and Jewish experiences
  10. Gay and lesbian
  11. History and Archeology
  12. Humor
  13. Interesting Internet sites
  14. Internet technical help - web hosting
  15. Israel
  16. Judaica - Art, Jewelry, Health and Beauty, Israeli Products
  17. Kabbalah
  18. Kosher - where to get kosher food
  19. Newspapers, Magazines and Online News Sources
  20. Politics - also fighting media bias
  21. Products
  22. Rabbis
  23. Radio and Television
  24. Religious practises - law, liturgy and ritual
  25. Resources on the Internet - these overlap with many other categories listed here
  26. Singles
  27. Social Service
  28. Software - Jewish software,Jewish internet services, Jewish cell phones
  29. Speakers
  30. Synagogues
  31. Tolerance
  32. Torah
  33. Travel
  34. Women
  35. Yiddish
  36. Youth

Books, music, video       Top

  • - the Internet's largest store
  • Antiquariaat Lilien - Jewish books, prints and posters
  • Artscroll - publisher of Jewish books
  • CD Torah - Torah lectures on audio CDs from various Rabbonim and organizations
  • Chadish Media - Jewish audio and video
  • Discount seforim - One stop seforim store for new and used seforim and jewish books.All Artscroll, Feldheim, Judaica, Pitspopany, Shilo, Soncino, Hachai, Devora, 10,000 hebrew and Yiddish seforim and 20,000 reprints of out of print seforim. All profits go to jewish families in need.
  • Hasifria - Children's educational products for Jewish communities across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, including DVDs, CDs, books in English and Hebrew, toys, games, wall hangings and dishes that promote learning Hebrew, enjoying Israeli culture and celebrating Jewish heritage
  • Irvingville Jewish Books - living a Jewish life, with festivals, celebrations, guilt, and joy, learn the traditions that make Jews unique
  • - email to ask specific questions about Jewish traditional religious music, and Jewish concert music for chorus as well as instrumental music
  • IsraelBuyBooks - Amazon Buying Guide for Israelis - Hebrew guide for Israelis buying books and Israeli products on
  • Jewish Music - online shop of Jewish Music, based in the UK, customers all over the world
  • Kol Haruach - Klezmer band
  • The First Basket - documentary on Jewish basketball players and the times, one hit the first basket in NBA history
  • The Sylvia Suckerman Jewish Video Collection - Video Judaica with 1300 films, the largest Jewish video rental collection in the United States
  • To Be A Blessing - stories that touch the heart with life's possibilities ­about small acts that make a big difference, miracles, blessings, or events that save or change a life, and that bring such gladness, you must tell others
  • Torah Books 4 Free - Torah subjects in English, Hebrew, Portugese, Spanish and Yiddish
  • Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir (Ze'ev) Jabotinsky by Samuel Katz - brand new set, out-of-print, collector's item, wonderful gift, for sale at discounted price of $84 (retail $100)

Business - real estate, services       Top

Children       Top

Clubs and groups for both Jewish singles and couples - Mosaic, Israeli dancing       Top

Community centers - JCCs, YHAs       Top

Community organizations - Federations       Top

Education - Jewish and Torah studies       Top

  • Global Yeshiva - Get answers, interactive research on Judaism, online Torah community, Torah forums
  • Kolel -The Adult Centre for Liberal Jewish Learning
  • Learn Hebrew Phrases - Online Hebrew study
  • Orthodox Union - Central address and national spokesman for America's orthodox synagogues
  • Torah Inspiration - Inspire yourself with Torah. Receive inspiring email, Keep Smiling, Shas Stories. Download free ebook, read extracts of inspirational, mussar, hashkafa books; order them online. For success, happiness, wealth, peace of mind, lessons for high-powered living.

Email Lists, Forums and Groups - Jewish bulletin boards and news groups with posted topics       Top

  • - Jewish bulletin board forums, can add your own topic
  • Jewish and Hebrew email discussion groups - many groups in these categories: Jewish family, Hebrew language, Jewish business, Jewish law, Jewish institutions, Jewish computerization
  • Jewish World - monitoring political and cultural events in Jewish communities and Israel

Event Planning       Top

  • DJ's Secrets Revealed - How To Select (and Get the MOST Out of) Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah Disc Jockey - take advantage of the experience (and experiences) of a Radio & Mobile DJ who's performed at well over 1,000 Mitzvahs over 26 years.
  • DoctorSimcha - Bar / Bat Mitzvah Planning Ideas & Forum - gift ideas, invitations, song selection, party favors, religious aspects of the ceremony, special articles, preparation for Simcha party
  • MitzvahChic - Bar/Bat Mitzvah planning tools, calendar, discussion forums, and resources
  • Wintertainment - party professionals for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and special events in South Florida

Experience - meaningful Israel and Jewish experiences       Top

  • Aish HaTorah - international outreach and educational organization, headquartered in Israel
  • Alumot - alumni from Israel experience programs (Livnot, WUJS, Otzma, Pardes, their friends and peers), returning to North America, continue their Israel/Jewish experience through Jewish communal activity, get-togethers, lectures and celebrations of Jewish festivals
  • Click on Judaism - site for 20 and 30 somethings who are searching
  • Livnot Experience - volunteer in Israel for community service work
  • Livnot U'Lehibanot - two and four-week subsidized (inexpensive, sometimes free) programs for 21-30 year-olds, with little background in Judaism, learn, hike, work, live, and explore Israel and Jewish traditions in Jerusalem and Tzfat
  • WUJS - The World Union of Jewish Students Institute - Gives young Jewish graduates and professionals (21-35) from all over the world an opportunity to come and experience Israel in the most exciting and creative manner possible

Gay and lesbian       Top

History and Archeology       Top

Humor       Top

Interesting Jewish Internet sites       Top

  • Eli Cohen at - On May 18, 1965 my brother Eli Cohen was hanged in Syria, despite the protestations of the international community, for being an Israeli spy. 33 years later, myself and my family have still not been able to visit Eli's graveside or say Kaddish, the Jewish prayer of mourning, on his soul. Please sign the petition imploring the President Hafez Assad of Syria, to fulfill an emotional and humanitarian task by returning Eli's remains to Israel. - Maurice Cohen
  • Excavations at Khirbet Cana at - Ancient archaeological site in Israel
  • Western Wall at - Live video feed from Aish HaTorah
  • A Ferdroysiger Hart at - Rose Leis' unpublished Yiddish autobiography, who came from Slutsk, in the Minsk Gubernye, and emigrated to New York in 1902, typical of how many of our ancestors came to America. This is a labor of love by Rose Leis' grandson. The complete manuscript is in Yiddish and much is translated into English.

Internet services - web hosting       Top

Israel       Top

Judaica - Art, Clothing, Jewelry, Health and Beauty, Israeli Products       Top

Kabbalah       Top

Kosher - where to get kosher food       Top

Newspapers, Magazines and Online News Sources       Top

  • Achdut Jewish News Media - in depth Jewish and Israeli news with original content and links to many News, Religious, Historical and Religious Resources
  • ImageUSA - Jewish Sephardic community
  • Jewish News Today - Jewish news around the world
  • JewishXpress Magazine - largest Jewish owned publication in South Florida with articles for articles both the Diaspora and Israeli Jewish communities

Politics - also fighting media bias       Top

Products       Top

Rabbis       Top

Radio and Television       Top

Religious practises - law, liturgy and ritual       Top

Resources on the Internet - these overlap with many other categories       Top

Each of the sites below have many links to other Jewish sites. These should help you get started exploring.

Singles       Top

Social Service       Top

Speakers       Top

  • Dr. Sol Gordon - author of How Do I Know If I'm Really In Love? A Guide to Finding Your Own Voice

Software Jewish software,Jewish internet services, Jewish cell phones       Top

Synagogues       Top

Tolerance       Top

  • Museum of Tolerance - tells people to stay away from KKK rallys and not counter demonstrate
  • Southern Poverty Law Center - tells people to stay away from KKK rallys and not counter demonstrate
  • Holocaust Names - This is a site to post information about yourself if you are a survivor and any relatives you are searching for

Torah       Top

Travel       Top

Women       Top

  • No2Violence - combat violence against women, Herzlia, Israel
  • The Network - an alliance of Jewish business and professional women in Colorado

Yiddish       Top

Youth       Top

  • Genesis AZA - B'nai B'rith Youth Organization for teenage boys in the Northwest suburbs of Philadelphia


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